Classic Spring Nail Polish Colors


Spring, hands down, is my favorite season. To me, it symbolizes new beginnings—a chance to start over again. Plus, after a season of cold and grey days, it is refreshing to see more sunshine and warmer weather. In spring, I get my energy—my life back.

Every season, there is always a new collection, or new variations of colors that come into trend in nail polish. One season, it may be navy blue, mint green, or white. This season, it is neutrals. However, it may be easy to agree that for each season, there are signature colors that are thought of when that season arrives. They are the timeless colors that define the season. So in this post, I want to present 7 nail polish colors that classic to wear for the spring season. These colors are soft and pastel, bright and cheerful.


Pink is an everyday color that can sometimes be considered a neutral depending how potent its shade is. It is often used in French manicures and reminds me of my childhood as pink was the first nail polish color I wore. Faint, sheet, pearl, and iridescent shades of pink are signature to wear in the spring and they remind me of spring floral and holiday egg painting. Pinks look great on any skin tone as there are an endless array shades out there.

Colors Shown:

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Glass Pink

Sally Girl Nail Polishes (names unknown but one is a pearl pink and one is a faint pink, which is shown on color wheel).


Yellow is the more cheerful color of the spring. It symbolizes happiness and is a great mood booster. Just like pink, it reminds me of the Easter holiday, especially of baby chicks and spring flowers. Bright and pastel crème yellows are great for the spring. Yellow is primarily a fashion color and stands out wonderfully on any skin tone. It is especially perfect to use in nail art.

Color Shown: Sally Girl Nail Polish in Canary


Green, popularly known as mint green has become a recent classic trend (I could be wrong though, it could have always been a trend). Light, pastel greens are popular during this season and they are more of a trendier fashion color compared to the other colors of this season. It is definitely a color that I believe will never go out of style and with that said, it is more of a fashion color than a basic, neutral, everyday color.

Color Shown: Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Pepperminty


Blue is my favorite color of spring, next to lavender. Much like yellow, bright, pastel blues are cheerful and remind me of crisp, clear skies that are perfect for walking and basically spending the whole day outside. Pastel blues remind me, much like yellow and pink, of Easter. Not only are pastel blues perfect for this season, but dark navy blues are perfect as well and often are in trend (especially paired up with white).

Color Shown: Essie Nail Polish in Rock the Boat


Lavender, or light purple, is a signature floral color of spring. To me, it reminds me of a field of flowers, not necessarily having to be lavender flowers. In fact, yellow, pink, and lavender have much in common: they all remind me of Easter, such as in painting eggs and picking spring flowers. It is a fashion color that is great for nail art. A light purple is signature for the spring.

Color Shown: Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Sugar Plum


A season less color at heart, neutral really looks great to wear any season. It is a big trend this year for spring, so it is sure to be seen a lot this season. Neutrals a wonderful to wear simply on the nails and can even give them an elongated look. It is also known as a clean shade—it is great for work since it is not bold and stand out. It makes one look well put together. Even better, neutral is a shade that is widely available for every skin tone.

Colors Shown: Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez, Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Nirvana, and Revlon Nail Polish in Socialite.



White is practically another season less color, it really can be worn any season of the year, especially winter, summer, and spring. It is perfect for nail art and looks great being paired with other colors, such as navy blue. Like spring, it reminds me of renewal and a time to be carefree. Classic white or even sheer and ones with a pearl finish are great for spring. Although it can be seen as a basic color, it can also be a bold color. It can be worn neutrally, such as in a French manicure, or it can be worn boldly, such as in navy stripes or polka dots.

Colors Shown: Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Snow Me White and Tokyo Pearl



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